Learn about are community members that are reaching their highest potential on PBA Talks.  Stories of successes are illustrated and strategies that they have been implemented in their organizational process are discussed.  To tell your story please sign up on our contributor page.



Learn all about Planbyaccessory.com

Learn all about Planbyaccessory.com


PBA Talks With Lisha Maddox

“I love working with young people; if a person is fortunate enough to go to college then they should be afforded every opportunity to succeed!”
— Lisha Maddox

Lisha talks to PBA about her organizational and goal setting process.  Lisha is driven by her passion and motivation in working in higher education.  She currently works at Loyola Marymount University with first year and transfer students and their families.  Lisha's goal is to help her students transfer into LMU successfully. In Lisha's PBA talk she defines her own measures of success.  She is not at all moved or allows her success to be defined by others thoughts or impressions; she measures it by her own values and core beliefs.  Lisha strives to always make her family proud and is dedicated to always being present and supportive.  She is also fully invested in supporting and helping her friends and students.   Lisha offers some great tips to the PBA community:

  • Be open to putting in the time and effort into doing things, even if things do not always have meaning.
  •  Work every day at getting better and not making the same mistakes.
  • Keep goals short and attainable because life can get in the way and change your trajectory.
  • Keep goals simple and short-term.
  • If you are struggling to figure out the next steps in your life create a vision board.

Organizational Tools

The organizational tools that Lisha recommends include Microsoft outlook and a notebook.  That is it folks!!!  Lisha uses the new Outlook.com, powered by Office 365, a platform that provides business-class email to help individuals collaborate easily and increase their efficiency.  Lisha raves about Microsoft Outlook and you will too once you click on the video link to learn about the new Outlook.com.


"Lisha raves about color coding her calendar events by significance to help her prioritize her tasks."  She also highlights synching her Outlook email to her phone so that she isalways able to stay connected to what is happening in the office at all times, even if she is off working on other tasks.

The other organizational tool that Lisha uses is a To-Do List to organize her daily tasks.  Lisha writes her to-do items in the notebook and as she completes a task she crosses it out! Then she is on to the next task! Where is the "That Was Easy Button" when you need it?

Lisha is on her way to doing some  big and exciting things and is really comfortable in the method and process in which she approaches life and her goals.  She feels good in her own skin and as her friend who is watching every moment of Lisha's growth, I am so incredibly proud and inspired. I am so moved by her journey and I hope you are too.  If you would like to reach out to Lisha please email her at lkmaddox@gmail.com. 



Learn about Planbyaccessory.com

Planbyaccessory.com (PBA) was launched to be a community of goal setters who would reach their highest potential together.  PBA will offer tools (e.g., webinars, templates, live talks, blog) to help individuals with their goal setting process.  There will be tools to help individuals with their goal setting process and maximize their potential.  Clink on the link to learn more about PBA.com

PBA Tech Talks

PBA Tech Talks


Learn about Ian Dunn, a Technical Director who talks about his tech success and the tools that he has utilized to get to his success.  Not sure if anyone remembers 3gforfree.com these days when ringtones were cutting edge...well Ian created this business and is on his way to do some great things in the tech industry.

In his #PBATALKS he talks about these organizational tools (e.g., Omni Focus; Pomodoro Technique & Inbox by Gmail) that have helped his organization process.

The features of Omni Focus include the following:

Ian also mentioned that he uses the Pomodoro Technique.   The technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 munutes in length, separated by short breaks.  These intervals are called pomodoros, the plural in English of the Italian world pomodoro, which means tomato.  


Ian also highlighted if you are a Gmail lover you have to try the Inbox by Gmail app.  Inbox is a tools that helps you live and work better...instead of your emails being buried it helps you organize your emails in a more efficient way.  Click on the link below to learn more about Inbox by Gmail.