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PBA Launch Brunch & Goal Setting

PBA will be hosting a brunch to introduce you to the concepts of goal setting and life planning.  We will offer free materials to facilitate the goal setting process. Please let all your fears go and come and join us on a quest to help you reach your highest potential.

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Creating A Plan of Action Webinar

So Now What? Now that you have created your vision board community it is time to create a plan of action. Our next webinar will be discussing the importance of creating a plan of action and having a solid support network. At the webinar you will be able to create your plan of action and develop your support team of 3 key people. So before the webinar we are asking that you identify the 3 people who will be willing to support you in your goal setting process. It would be good to have them join in so they know what they will be supporting you in and in which ways they can support. I hope that everyone who participates will walk away with knowing they are not alone in their journey and their are key people who will support them through.


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Creating A Plan Of Action
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Why is a Vision Board A Must Have?

The following webinars talk about why everyone should have a vision board in their life.  It also covers some cool apps that can be used for the vision board goal setting process if you do not want to cut out images of old magazines or new ones and put them on a board.  Covers all of the Yay'sand Nay's of the VB process.

You can take your goals to new heights!
— Raven Barrow
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Where do I start...In The Goal Setting Process? Webinar

Offering a quick tutorial on the process of goal setting.  Introducing you to a systematic way of setting and accomplishing goals.

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PBA Website Launch

On Saturday, August 20th we will be kicking off the launch for our PBA website!!! Check out the blogs, webinars, and sign-up for our newsletter.