PBA Is Not Just A Thing...

Love the planner cover you are in!

Unlike conventional planners, a PlanByAccessory (PBA) planner is focused on the seamless integration of strategic long- term goals with tactical short term plans including yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly objectives or daily priorities.  Each planner template has been meticulously designed to provide the customer with the most user-friendly planning experience and to boost productivity.

The customized planner functions as an accessory that could easily be added and compliments a clients lifestyle.

PBA planners have fabric book covers that function as accessories to bring their planner to life, through color, imagination, inspiration, and texture. The fabric covers are an accessory to the planner that represents the customers personality and sense of style. It brings life to their vision and planing. Like fashion, the fabrics represents the different seasons of the customers life, so when they need a change in their life the planner look can also be a reflection of that change.


Complete The Look!

A fabric book cover is an accessory to the planner. If you have the planner you must also have the book cover to complete the look. There are cover options in a multitude of colors, patterns, textures, and weights that compliment the customized look.  Book covers are not just accessories to PBA planners or journals,  they can also be used for any 5x8 book that you have in your collection that you want to bring to life!  Your book cover should be an extension of your personality!