Are You Dealing With Your Financial Reality? is my financial reality because it allows me to see my finances, bills, and credit score all in one place.  It is definitely my reality check.  When you live in the real world you tend to get distracted by the latest fashion trends, and the newest technologies, and sometimes forget about the goals that you set at the beginning of the year.  Well Mint is not only a gentle reminder about your finances but it also is a tool where you can actually set financial goals, manage your budget, pay your bills, and monitor your credit score.

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Mint founder Aaron Patzer explains how to set up an account and use to reach your personal finance goals and offers tips and tricks for organizing your monthly expenses. Mint downloads your transactions and provides a breakdown of your spending.

Mint allows you to see everything in one place. You are able to see your checking account balances, bills, and your credit score by clicking on one button.  When you link your credit accounts you can actually track where your money goes and eliminate unneccessary spending.  It also allows you to create budgets, track investments, and come up with creative ways for saving. 

Mint is a program that is pretty easy to sign up for and connects to almost every US Financial Institution in minutes. 

Mint is such a powerful tool. It comes up with ways that you can increase your savings. That is right! You do not have to figure this out on your own. The program makes recommendations that can help you save the most based on your lifestyle and goals.

With Mint you can manage and pay all of your bills in one place.  Mint organizes all of your due dates and helps you keep track of what is due and even how much you should pay each month to pay your debt off quickly.  It is like having your own financial coach, only this program is actually coaching you to manage your own finances.

With mint you can get alerts and reminders for bills, low funds, and unusual spending.

Mint also allows you to monitor your credit score and gives you creative ways to increase your  score.

Mint is a great program that will help you make your finances a part of your every day life.  You will no longer forget about the financial goals that you set at the beginning of the year. It keeps you on track and keeps your priorities in perspective.  So now when you are thinking about buying the latest fashion trends you are quickly reminded that those trends will always be there but wealth will not. And that is your financial reality.