PBA is a platform that wants to transform, rejuvenate, and bring communities together.


A Brief History

What is your organization style?

On the quest to answering this very question, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on several goal setting and weight loss tools to help organize my life to assist me with meeting my personal goals.  Some of it was quite successful and well most times it was quite a failure.  In that quest I have learned that life is constantly changing and evolving and with that so will my goals.  There is no perfect method to reaching self-actualization. Reaching self-actualization is being present on the journey along the way.   

As I start this new quest of creating a blog, I decided to start this platform a couple of weeks  ago with a few of my friends.  It was right around the time that I planned to launch a new planner line.  The small problem was  the cost to start my own business was not realistic for me. The costs associated with getting it off the ground was way too high and I imagine that is why many people don't start their own businesses.   Not to mention, if I were to start this line the costs associated with each planner would be $50.  I just could not move forward.  Just because I could not move froward with that goal did not mean I could not move forward at all.  My overall goal with the planner system was to create a product that was efficient, effective, and exciting as well as a tool that would be easily accessible and affordable.  So with that I decided to launch this blog.  I  honestly believe that one of the very special things about  life is that if you are doing something you love then the money will not be to far behind it. So I hope the money will be on its way.  So with that, PBA will be a space to offer life planning/organizing/goal setting tools that I have discovered and that I find along the way.

This platform was also created in  hopes that others will share as well and that we can all become a community of contributors and efficient organizers that are reaching to new heights daily.  If you are interested in sharing your perspective everyday, I welcome you to become a part of the team or heck start your own blog  and get out there.  I plan to offer free organizational tools and ones that you can purchase; webinars, classes, workshops, and articles that myself and others have found.  I will also have weekly interviews to get a sense of how how the community is organizing their life goals and share them with you.  I want to stay committed and dedicated to helping myself and the community reach new heights.  The sky is the limit and I will cover it all! So be on the look out and check us out every day!